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The largest industrial undertakings are concentrated around Nakskov.The dominating industry of the region is that of sugar with refineries at Nakskov and Sakskøbing.Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2 or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation; with no Invariant Sections, no Front-Cover Texts, and no Back-Cover Texts.

Lolland is still an area which has a small amount of industries.Some topics not covered in this article, such as economy (companies), amusement parks, culture or landscape features, may be mentioned in the article Lolland and articles about the towns and the former municipalities. seriöse partnervermittlung Saale The city hall and the seat of the mayor of Lolland municipality is in Maribo while the largest town is Nakskov.According to Municipal And Regional Key Figures ( it covers an area of 885.40 km² (341.85 square miles) and has a population of 42,285 (1 January, 2017).Guldborgsund Municipality occupies the eastern part of the island (Østlolland).

You date Lolland

There are 31 members - including the mayor - of the municipal council.The current mayor - elected for the 2014-17 term of office - is a Socialdemocrat, the 1st deputy mayor is from the agrarian liberal Venstre and the 2nd deputy mayor is from Dansk Folkeparti.From 1965 to 1 January 2017, this represents a fall of 19,594 in the population number, which comes to 31.66%. you date Lolland-58you date Lolland-1you date Lolland-58 The area given for the former municipalities is in square kilometers, and then in square miles: Nakskov municipality (area:32.67;12.61 square miles) alone had 17,390 inhabitants in 1965 (19,549;20,152) and Maribo (area:154.02;59.46 square miles), the second most populous municipality in 1965 in the area had 12,517 (19,280;20,039), Ravnsborg (197.59;76.28 sq mi) had 8,708 (1999:5,780;2002:5,677), Rødby (120.37;46.47 sq mi) 8,198 (1999:6,809;2002:6,763), Højreby (127.79;49.33 sq mi) 5,114 (1997:4,257;2002:4,175), Holeby (116.07;44.81 sq mi) 4,993 (1996:4,269;2002:4,149), and Rudbjerg (143.41;55.37 sq mi) 4,959 (1999:3,584;2002:3,564) inhabitants.This is on a par with Sønderborg Municipality, which also is made up of 7 old municipalities, which is the highest among the new municipalities.

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Lolland municipality is a countryside municipality largely dependent on its agricultural industry featuring an open and intensively farmed landscape.The municipalities of Lolland and Bornholm and the archipelago of Ertholmene northeast of Bornholm are the places in eastern Denmark that are located the farthest from the capital and largest city of Denmark, Copenhagen.Although the transport to Copenhagen from Lolland can be undertaken by road and railway, Lolland from a point of view of transport can be seen as lying on a dead end (Danish: blind vej;blindgyde) - at least the western part.The fishing industry has declined to a great extent in this area.The E47, shortest link between Germany and Copenhagen passes through Lolland.

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