Single bloom geranium

Geraniums that are stored longer than two days in low light will drop their new buds and turn yellow.

If this happens, it will take the plant about a month to pick up again.

Generally, they are compact plants with large flowers, and can be divided into zonal, regal and ivy-leafed varieties. Zonal geraniums are distinguished by circular bands of colour on their light green, rounded to kidney-shaped, lobed leaves.

You can find them with markings in red, black, yellow, cream and all shades of green. They flower from spring to autumn, in clusters of white, pink, red and magenta blooms.

Single bloom geranium

They will all grow in semi-shaded spots - the peppermint variety is the most shade-tolerant - although they flower better if given more sun.My grandma loved to take cuttings, and I have vivid memories of little glasses of water, each holding a single stem, lined up along her windowsill.African violets were a favourite and, coming a close second, were geraniums.Planting These plants love sunlight, so choose a spot that receives at least six hours of full sun each day, but also provides some shelter from the hot afternoon sun.Although these plants can handle the heat, temperatures over 30C can cause stress, and shade helps to reduce this.

Single bloom geranium

The flowers appear mainly in spring and summer, with spot-flowering during the rest of the year.The peppermint one has to be my favourite, as its large, rounded leaves are furry and have a silvery sheen to them.Plant them near a path or entertaining area, where you will be constantly drawn to running your hands over them to release their beautiful scent.Another good place to plant them is beside the washing line, where your sheets can brush the leaves. They can be used to make herbal teas, or infused to flavour vinegar, syrups, sauces and jellies.Wander around any garden centre right now and you'll see masses of geraniums in full bloom. Geraniums have a reputation for being old-fashioned or looking rather scrappy.

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