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How it all came together When brainstorming about a segment for Couples Therapy, Damian Sullivan recalled the Rascal Flatts hit single “Skin” — unofficially named “Sarabeth” after the song’s young heroine.The song tells a story of a girl who discovers she has leukemia.“Sarabeth is scared to death/ To hear what the doctors will say,” the song begins. Through a show of solidarity, Sarabeth’s prom date shaves his head and “Softly she touches just skin …Sinatra famously used to sublet the guesthouse to Marilyn Monroe.

Eddie spent two sleepless nights reviewing home video of Sara filmed before and during her illness. That had been their goal all along, Eddie said, to take Sara’s story to a national level and help children and families who have been through similar situations.The home video would become part of the segment and was shipped overnight to Los Angeles prior to the Kennedys’ departure. A fund was established shortly after Sara’s death to initially help the family with medical bills, Eddie said.Eddie and Norma watched the completed package for the first time while sitting down with the five celebrity couples at the former home of Frank Sinatra, where the show is taped. A benefit was planned by friends, family and community members at Union Church in Berea.So when Eddie called his friend to say a Hollywood producer wanted to use the song in a reality show, he said “Doug, you’re not going to believe this, but the power of your song eight years later …”But Doug replied, “What it is really — is that Sara’s not through with her work.”Crystal Wylie can be reached at [email protected] 623-1669, Ext. Dallas-raised singer Sara Beth is exclusively premiering the lyric video for her sassy song “You Rock My Rodeo,” full of bucking broncos and cowboys, with The Boot.

Sara beth single

“We love them, they love us, and they will do anything for Sara Care — that’s just who they are.”Years later, Sullivan didn’t know it when he first dialed the Sara Care line, but “something about Eddie and Norma just opens doors,” he said.Trying to incorporate famous music in his show would be difficult, the producer said.“When dealing with giant recording industries, ordinarily it’s a daunting task to get clearance for usage.” However, permission was hastened by the friendship that began between the Kennedys and Johnsons six years ago along with the inspirational message of the story of “our Sara.”“These were total strangers, whose lives were intersected by accident, but had parallel connections in every single way — it was almost eerie,” Sullivan said.“The extra element is really the twist,” he said. Sara beth single-42 “It is a testament to the fact, in this life, there are no strangers, just friends you haven’t met yet.”Celebrities in Berea Viewers will have to wait until Wednesday to see the Kennedys hanging out with Hollywood celebrities.Sara’s parents, Eddie and Norma Kennedy, were contacted this summer by Damian Sullivan, executive producer of Couples Therapy, a reality television show on VH1.

The show chronicles celebrity couples as they receive relationship counseling.

But Hollywood celebrities were not the only things Eddie was “rubbing elbows” with.“The idea of me rubbing my elbows on the Rat Pack’s bar,” Eddie remembered with a smile.

This season of Couples Therapy was filmed in a home Sinatra occupied for nearly a decade.

The event took off, and the annual Sara Care Celebration continues to raise funds to support the work of the University of Kentucky Children’s Hospital and the Pediatric Oncology Clinic.

One project, initiated by Sara before her death, was to provide remote-control televisions with DVD/VCR players in all rooms of the children’s hospital.

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