Par dating Thisted

A lot of people descended from Brit Isles populations have taken these tests, and many have distant connections to Scandinavia.I am primarily Brit Isles, and match people in Sweden and Norway with only very old and limited links through a specific set of families out of some Frisian Islands that technically would be Danish today, however I have no match to any Danes.

In the mid-15th century Scots sailed to the Baltic and Scottish immigration to Denmark began at the same time, spreading along the international sailing-route through the Sound into the Baltic.So the baby, the first Yde, was probably half Gordon and half Gypsy. casual dating erfahrungen Chemnitz For many years a horse- and merchant's market has taken place in Vilsund, 419 inhabitants. Jens Jensen Yde, 1618-1688, ~ Mette Christensdatter Jens Jensen Yde, 1651-1731, ~ Maren Madsdatter Mads Jensen Yde, 1686-1763, ~ Anne Pedersdatter Jens Madsen Yde, 1706-1781, ~ Friderica Schmidt Sren Jensen Yde, 1741-1819, ~ Maren Jensdatter Svejgaard Jens Mathias Yde, 1773-1852, ~ Maren Christensdatter Jens Christian Jensen Yde, 1804-1856, ~ Ovens Kathrine Srensdatter Sren Jensen Yde, 1831-1905, ~ Petrine Mortensen Martin A. They had a farm in Grup only two kilometers from Vilsund Strand.The Gordon clan is originally from Normandy, where their ancestors are said to have had large possessions.By the early twelfth century they had settled in the village and estates of Gordon, near Kelso in the Scottish Borders under the protection of their kinsman, the Earl of Dunbar.

Par dating Thisted

The ferry boat crossing Limfjorden was replaced by a bridge in 1939. Christian Yde Jens Yde VII I mean this kindly, and you are free to believe any account of your own ancestry that you choose to, but if what you relate in your story is all that you have to base your family story on, you have a lot more work to do until you can substantiate the tale, in my opinion.A book by Thomas Riis, Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot, Scottish-Danish relations c. If your paternal line is 'I1' Y-DNA, I would lean toward a more likely Scandinavian heritage than a typical Scotsman.Familynames and DNA in Preussia can in our days be traced back to Scotland. My father's paternal grandfather was born in London in 1893. par dating Thisted-23par dating Thisted-40par dating Thisted-60 His father is unknown and his mother had Scottish ancestors on both her father and mother's sides).Obviously this is not definitive proof of your tale or evidence against it.

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The reason you likely have a lot more matches to people in Scotland and the British Isles than other Danes is likely affected by the comparatively limited number of other Danes and Scandinavians who have completed the autosomal and Mt/Y Denmark is true - and that the biological father was a man from Scotland and that the boy was born in 1506 and adopted by local people. YDE, born 1506, half GORDON from SCOTLAND and half GYPSY A: In my family an old tale says, that the first Yde was a baby yde(d) by some gypsies, who camped on Vilsund or Vildsund Strand in Thy, north west Jutland, Denmark.The Danish word yde means give, render, yield, pay.C: A study of History of Scotland gave an answer to A and B quite rapidly: On 3rd July 1505 the king of Scotland, James IV Stewart, wrote a letter to his mothers brother, king Hans/John of Denmark, born in Aalborg, to commend Anthony Gagino, a lord of Little Egypt, who, with his retinue, had a few months previously reached Scotland during a pilgrimage through the Christian world, undertaken at the command of the Apostolic See.In 1512 count Anthony arrived to Stockholm in Sweden with many families and told they came from Klene Egifft.

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