Kontaktannoncer Randers

The city's football team, Randers FC, play their homes games at the Auto C Park Randers, and are in Denmark's first league, the Superligaen.

The town is also home to Randers rugby union club and Jutland RLFC, a rugby league team, as well as Randers Cimbria, a Basketligaen team that took 2nd place in the 2013-2014 season.

Завод Randers Tegl специализируется на изготовлении эксклюзивного высококачественного полнотелого кирпича ручной формовки, традиционного и состаренного.

Компания работает с 1911 года, и с того момента её продукция непрерывно совершенствовалась, в процесс производства регулярно вносились технологические изменения.

In 1246, it was burned down by Abel of Denmark's troops during the civil uprising against Eric IV of Denmark.Кирпич — один из самых востребованных материалов для малоэтажного жилищного и промышленного строительства. singel Münster Он известен человеку с глубокой древности, и не потерял актуальности и по сей день.Icelandic Randrosi (Snorri Sturluson's Heimskringla, 1230), and Rondrus, Randrøs (Valdemar's Census Book, 1231).Other early forms provide Randersborg and Randershusen.

Kontaktannoncer Randers

On a street in the town center is the house where, according to legend, Danish nobleman and national hero Niels Ebbesen killed Count Richard (Gerhard) III of Holstein on 1 April 1340, during the Kingless Times, when the entire country was pledged to German counts.This action led to further insurrection against the Germans.Randers became a thriving market town in medieval times, and many of its 15th-century half-timbered houses remain today, as does St Martin's Church, also from that period.Trade by sea was facilitated through the Gudenå River, entering Randers Fjord.Производство кирпича проходит на лучшем оборудовании под строгим контролем компетентных и пожалуй одних из самых опытных специалистов Европы в области керамики.

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Во время изготовления не допускается брака или мелких дефектов изделий.The oldest forms of the town's name appear on coins minted from the times of King George (1080–86) until those of Svend Grathe (1146–57).The coins bear the names Ranrosia, Ransias, Radrusia, Rand and Randrusia.Randers was formally established around the 12th century, but traces of activity date back to Viking times. 1043–1086), also known as Canute the Saint and Canute the Holy, and as patron saint of Denmark, minted coins in the town.A chronicle written at Essenbæk Abbey tells of a fire that ravaged the city.

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